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Who Remembers NJ: Dr. Gimpi's Highlands

Home of 100 craft beers, Wings of Death, Brian Kirk (before the Jirks) acoustic mid-week gigs and more. Gimpi's was a blueprint for how bars and restaurants would be modeled moving forward after the 90's way before the micro beer boom they had a huge glass cased refrigerator with beers from around the country in bottles and cans , like big Rogues bottles with cork and metal tops, and something to mark that yo tried all 100 beers as well, either a card or tee.

Wings of Death - You had to sign a waiver to eat 4 wings with Blair's Hot Sauce, which is now it's own stand alone company and sold all over the world. Yo may have gotten them free if ate all 4, I never tried them...wimp

Music + Eats, Gimpi's always had live music smaller electric cover bands and acoustic acts such as Brian Kirk back in his early days before he moved to Donovan's. The msic was a backdrop for great pub menu and dining area in the rear while the bar sat of to the right when you walked through the front door.

DOD ( Date of Death) Late 1990's ? anyone have a date-

Dr. Gimpi's

231 Bay Ave Highlands

Phone Number: 201.291.3888 or 908.291.3888

Throwback Video: Jello Shots with The Uncle Floyd Show courtesy FB/78west Fire Tribe

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